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Lowered Suspension of 60mm
H & R Springs
17" Super Legera OZ Wheels
Toya T1S Tyres
Front Spot Lights

Cat 1 Alarm
Full Stainless Steel Exhaust

Sony Minidisc/10 CD Multichanger
Clarion/6 CD Multichanger

Performance: Time To Speed
0-30 mph.....2.9
0-60 mph.....6.4
30-50 mph....2.2
50-70 mph....3.3

Max Speed in 1st Gear
Max Speed in 2nd Gear
Max Speed in 3rd Gear
Max Speed in 4th Gear
Max Speed in 5th Gear

40 mph(64 km/h)
61 mph(98 km/h)
88 mph(141 km/h)
117 mph(187 km/h)
147 mph(237 km/h)